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The Wooster Public Library and Museum are located in the historic Garver's House Bed and Breakfast, west of the city, just off Main Street. Dunham's Tavern Museum is the oldest building standing and was originally the site of a fairground on the corner of South Main and Main Streets in Woostersville, Ohio. It is the only museum of its kind in Ohio and one of only a handful of such museums in America.

The mission of the Wayne County Historical Society is to collect and preserve artifacts and experiences that reflect the cultural heritage of our county. The History Association houses a collection of historical artifacts that contribute to preserving the local history. The museum is full of artifacts, memorabilia and covers Americana at its finest. It is an important part of preserving the county's cultural heritage and is designed to discover, collect, preserve and exhibit archaeological sites and materials related to the history and culture of Woostersville, Ohio, and the county as a whole.

The largest machine in the museum is currently the Russell steam engine, which was built in Massillon, Ohio, in the 1920s. The museum features several historical nautical artifacts, including items used on the Great Lakes, as well as artifacts from the Ohio River and the Delaware River. One of the oldest pieces in this museum is a millstone, which was probably brought into the state from outside the country at the beginning of the 19th century and is still used today.

Efforts to establish a museum were rekindled in 2013 when Locher and five other men formed a nonprofit group called Friends of the Wayne County Fair. This enabled the building to be renovated and a silo to be erected at the entrance to the museum. The museum grounds have been open for guided tours for several years, as the organizers worked to arouse interest in the project.

The Buckeye Agricultural Museum is not yet open to the public, but you can learn more about the museum's history and its contributions to Wayne County's agricultural history by using the information below. Visit the website or call 330 - 845 - 2825 to donate to their museum and call to confirm the times and rates before you plan your trip. His uncle Paul Locher is the only director and curator of this museum; his uncle, the brother-in-law - in - law, is one of the directors and curators of this museum.

Visit this newspaper to learn more about the Buckeye Agricultural Museum and its contributions to Wayne County agricultural history on the Ohio Historical Society website.

Wooster, Ohio is also a great place to plan, so if you plan to visit the College of Wooster campus, you will get directions from the staff at the Woosters Inn. When visiting Woster, be sure to spend a day exploring the surrounding area, especially the town of Wayne County and its many attractions.

Visiting historical sites, museums and art galleries, visiting the theatre and dining out are some of my favourite tourist activities in the city, but the most magical attraction is essentially an open-air museum. If you love nature and feel like a hunter-gatherer, the Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area should be at the top of your list of activities in Wooster, Ohio. We recommend exploring Wayne County or just staying in this charming town of Woosters for a weekend getaway.

On backroad tours you will see beautiful landscapes, visit artisans, learn about the history and customs of the Amish and see the beautiful landscape on a back road tour. Wooster and Wayne County will seduce your taste buds, delight your senses and entice you to explore their charming Ohio charm.

Many people call this museum north of Shreve Ken Miller Museum of Oil and Gas, but people will discover that it is really a museum of the history of oil, gas and oil and gas, as well as the history of the state of Ohio. The museum has a large reproduction and medical history exhibition, but the majority of its collections are not exhibited in the museum due to space constraints. Neal said: "During this time we have seen a good number of people visiting our museum and unfortunately no one can do anything to save it. We also strolled through the Ohio State Museum, where we saw a variety of artifacts from the Great Depression, World War II and the Civil War, and we also visited the National Archives and Library of Congress, the Ohio Historical Society and the Ohio History Museum.

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