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The small town of Wooster, outside Akron, Cleveland, Ohio, has a long-time - lost - friend: the Grande Ranch restaurant. Nestled in the city, nestled between the Ohio River and the Great Lakes and just a few miles from the Akron-Cleveland border, this city is named after David "Wooster," a Revolutionary War general. To understand the history of the Grande Ranch restaurant, you need a pencil and paper and a good memory.

He worked his way through a variety of Wooster restaurants, starting as a dishwasher and server and eventually taking a job as a pizza and pasta maker at Parker's Restaurant and Bar, a popular restaurant in the area. After working as a preparatory chef for the Parkers, he was promoted to sous chef and encouraged by his chef and mentor, Chef Bosley, to travel for a culinary internship. He took the opportunity to work with the then landlady Andrea Lazare and later for the next two years as the restaurant's chef.

After dropping off the children one early morning, he hit the address in Wooster, Ohio, and set off. When she realized that he preferred to be in the restaurant than in class, she left Kent State and returned home with him.

As we drove through the city, we noticed a few shops in the city centre and some restaurants, but we did not have time to stop by Basil's Asian Bistro. We could smell the unique Pacific and Southeast Asian cuisine that wafted through the streets of downtown. The atmosphere of the restaurant was good and we enjoyed one of their funny specialty drinks. They had great customer service, sat at the bar, enjoyed very pleasant company and sat and enjoyed themselves.

After checking in to our hotel room, which was totally overcrowded (read more here), we set off to meet the rest of the group. After visiting some downtown shops, including Rubbermaid, a cool record store called Lucky's, and one that contained items you'd find at Magnolia Market, we had lunch at a local restaurant and had a great time.

There you will find a variety of dishes that fill your stomach, as well as some of the best sandwiches I have ever tasted. Freshly baked Foccacia bread is a staple in any sandwich and is probably the one for you.

The Pine Barn is a restored Dutch bank barn, which offers sweets and a variety of other delicious desserts. The cake is anything but dry, and in Ohio the flavors blend beautifully with the little candies from the Buckeye trees.

Located in the former home of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at Ohio State University, it serves breakfast, lunch and a host of delicious treats. With authentic pastries, coffee and a selection of breakfasts, it is highly recommended to start the day here and take a few bottles of Matsos Greek dressing as a souvenir or take the pastries home later. They are Ve expanded to full service, spoiling his customers with hot cocoa while they picked their trees.

Enter the Lowry Dining Hall via the staircase entrance to the Lowry Ballroom or use the circular staircase on the side of the building's Beall Avenue. Enter Lowry's D dining table and make sure the room has been disinfected for the last guest. The exit leads to a small parking lot with parking for your car and a few parking spaces in front of it.

The Open Table was also voted the best steakhouse in America in 2014 and is located in the heart of downtown. Next, it's time to take a walk around the 240-hectare campus and head to the Hungarian Pastry Shop Tulipan, because there's a lot to see and do. In one barn there are fresh bread and pastries, and there are barns all over the campus.

I can certainly call Lehman's one of the best places to rub shoulders with Wooster food, and I love the atmosphere, the food and the people, and the wine and the beer. I'm sure Shisler's is a once-in-a-lifetime - or a friendly - experience, but I'm pretty sure I've never been bitten by an edible good thing in my life.

Right, in the grocery store there is a bar where you can taste the best beer in the area, and I only had the pleasure of testing the bars in the area, but I do not complain a bit. Spoon everything from cheese to wine into Wooster, with a wide selection of craft beers and craft brees from around the world. There's good food, good service, good food and good beer, so it's the place I can love everyone - cheese, wine and beer all in one place.

Located on the corner of Main Street and West Main Avenue in Wooster, Ohio, Knowlton Cafe offers espresso-based drinks, freshly made salads and sandwiches, and locally roasted Erie Island coffee as a beverage. The certified Angus Beef (r), served at all Campus Dining Services locations, is surrounded by farms that breed the best Angus beef and filled with restaurants that serve delicious beef. The best Angus burgers and craft beers are made from the highest quality Angus beef from farms across the country and from local farms in the area.

More About Wooster

More About Wooster